For seven years I have suffered  from severe bouts of trigeminal neuralgia. Western medicine offered little help. Louise has given generously of her time and expertise in trying many different approaches to get me some relief. I have made so much progress in the month that I have been coming. I am very grateful!

-Lois W., Ormond Beach, FL

I went to Louise Ethier with a severe case of Shingles.  The pain was excruciating.  Louise started me with acupuncture treatments along with herbal supplements.  Louise also educated me on what foods I should be eating, and what foods I should be avoiding.  This combination of acupuncture, herbal supplements and diet were a crucial part of my recovery! I wish I had gone to her sooner!

Her treatments and expert care helped me back to good health.  Louise is professional and highly knowledgeable.  She doesn’t just treat her patients, she cares about them.  Louise went the extra mile to be sure that I was getting better with each treatment.  I recommend Louise and Natural Path to Healing to everyone!  Thank you for helping me get my life back.
-Karen A., Ponce Inlet, FL


I want to express my profound appreciation for the healing Louise has provided to me in so many ways. It was unexpected and wonderful to  experience the feeling of well being once I began treatment. My medical issues included significant and long term pain in my shoulders, hip and back. Traditional western medicine was unable to completely address or resolve my pain. Within a few short months under Louise's care, my range of motion in my shoulder was back to normal and my chronic pain had disappeared. The combination of acupuncture, cupping and homeopathic injections along with her advice on exercising and diet, were transforming!

It is clear from my recent blood work that the supplements and diet have placed me at my healthiest yet! Louise introduced many products that were not only medically beneficial, but also anti-aging. I continued my treatments with the Facial Rejuvenation protocol. My face is more toned and my wrinkles and fine lines have all dramatically improved. My complexion is the best it has been in many years.

Louise is proactive in care and treats the entire person. Her goal is to improve your quality of life through compassionate listening, research ,  education, suggestions for exercise and nutrition so that they may become a way of life.

Louise was kind enough to research and recommend supplements for the specific needs of my senior, overly anxious dog. Since taking them, my once nervous, barking dog is now calm, eats and sleeps well, and can exercise comfortably.

Louise has resolved my medical issues and continues to be available for regular "tune-ups" so that I am able to enjoy the best health possible. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Louise and The Natural Path to Health, and without reservation, recommend visiting Louise for help!

-Lois P., Ponce Inlet, FL

After a car accident, the Orthopedic Doctor thought I was not going to improve much more. I tried acupuncture with Louise and after working with her for a few months, I finally feel great again! Not only did she relieve my chronic back pain, but helped tremendously with allergies I had suffered with for many years. Mix brilliant diagnostician, professional demeanor, add an abundance of compassion and a heaping sense of humor and you have Dr. Louise Ethier.

-Bridget B., Daytona Beach, FL

Well Louise, you did it!! My labs yesterday were excellent - even my A1C.  think part of the success is due to one of the formulas because I am sleeping so well and waking up feeling well rested. My cholesterol came down from 207 to 177;  HDl=52,  LDL=102 (Doc wants it under 100 but I think 102 is close enough!). A year and a half ago my A1C was in the 11's and has gone down to 6.7. The Dr. asked and I showed him what I was taking and that whatever it was to keep it up. Then she asked for your name and card. Hopefully it's to congratulate you!! Anyway, I feel great! Thank You.

-Cynthia S., Deland, FL

After 7 months of local medical professionals misdiagnosis and subsequent mistreatment, I was desperate to find a remedy or at least some relief from not only my physical ailments, but their side effects. Having no previous experience with acupuncture, I selected Louise. After a few sessions plus herbal remedies, I began to see a welcomed relief. She is a great listener and I do not hesitate to recommend her as a competent professional.

-Paul M. Daytona Beach, FL

I had realized the benefits of acupuncture for a long time but needed someone local to treat me. I was so lucky to find Louise. I had several problems to deal with and through the use of acupuncture and herbal formulas. I am making great progress in healing. I am feeling much better and am continuing my session. Thanks Louise!

-Kathleen L., Daytona Beach, FL

When I started seeing Dr. Louise, my grades were declining, my entire body was a tight knot, and my energy was not what it typically was. After experiencing a few treatments and following some practical advice my grades are successful again and I can actually keep up with my beautiful energetic son! Thanks Dr. Louise!

-Jenny K., South Daytona, FL

When I heard that Louise had experienced some of the same problems that I had, but had overcome them herself, I knew she was the person I wanted to see. Louise worked with me after I had exhausted many other sources that were supposed to solve my illness but they only cost me time and money with little to no results. With acupuncture, diet and supplements I was able to function again!!! Thank You, Louise

-Love Teresa L., Dalton, GA

I truly appreciate how Louise spent time getting to know me and my issues and immediately helped prioritize a plan for getting me to feel my best in the least amount of time. Her treatment , advice and peaceful, relaxing setting created a nurturing reprieve from my busy family life! I achieved lasting effects that have re-energized and strengthened me during stressful and challenging times.

-Renee B., Ormond Beach, FL

Louise is an expert in her field; offering a plethora of information into the most fascinating elements of our human bodies. Her technique embodies a soothing type of healing from the moment one enters her space, leaving a lasting effect on the mind and body. I am grateful for each unfolding experience under her sincere guidance.

-Katie H., Flagler Beach (26 years of age)

I really want to Thank you for all the help you provided me this winter. You do awesome work and are so gentle and caring. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and getting to know you. I'll be back in FL early next year and look forward to seeing you again!

-Colette D., MI/New Smyrna Beach

You are a miracle worker....I'm so glad to have met wife will be contacting you in the near future..thanks much!

-John W., Daytona Beach

Louise has been a comfort to not only my body, but to my spirit, as her supportive and gentle care has guided me expertly through the healing process. I have found hope through her treatments and learned what it really means to trust in the natural healing abilities of my body with the support of natural healing therapies.

-Nancy, Port Orange, FL

I am a 70 yr. old woman and have suffered chronic pain for the past 30 years due to a severely twisted spine, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.  A year and a half ago my children gave me the gift of "Louise"! I had given up and could not even walk to the mailbox and I was taking so many powerful prescribed drugs for  pain. Louise took me under her wing and slowly but surely brought me back to the life I now live! I can climb stairs, mow our yard and play with my grandchildren! Life is so good again! Thank you, sweet Louise! You are an angel! Sincerely,

-Pam Boone, Port Orange, FL

My life changed when I was in an auto accident. Our car was T-boned by a large pickup truck on the passenger side and I was left with pain on the entire right side of my body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I was treated medically for 2 years with no favorable  results. A neighbor suggested acupuncture because of her own previous success. I began treatment and discovered that I could completely relax! I have shown continuous improvement with Louise's methods and also discovered some wonderful side effects: no bloating, less water retention, relief from sinus problems and more energy!

-Sally Aey, Daytona Beach, FL

I wanted to tell you about my recent herpes outbreak and my experience with the treatment you prescribed. I though I was getting a bladder infection and decided to wait and see what happened. By the next day it was apparent it was an outbreak. I started on the herbal formulas and used the external wash you provided three times per day. The sore erupted - but in only three days it is almost completely gone! Recently I had a very hard time getting them to go away. Prescription medications did not seem to help. Your formulas have taken care of the problem in record time and with very little discomfort. Thank you so much for your help.


Menopause Issues

The relief from stress and menopausal symptoms that Louise's treatment provided has truly been a blessing. I feel so much better than I did two years ago!

-Terry H., Deland , FL

The Natural Path to Health and Dr. Ethier returned me to normalcy from the brink of menopausal extremes. I was amazed at the quick resolution to hot flashes and sleepless nights, which quickly restored my energy and outlook on life itself.

-Teresa W., Port Orange, FL


My husband and I have been trying to have a child for the past eight years with no success until we met Louise. Our doctor suggested that we try acupuncture to increase our chances of getting pregnant. After six months of acupuncture sessions, I am happy to say that we are expecting a healthy baby boy due at Christmas!

-Julia W. , Port Orange, FL

Let me start by saying, " I was very skeptical about acupuncture but figured I had nothing to lose. My husband and I have been trying for years. I had already undergone three surgeries and my husband had been tested also. I was on Clomid, a fertility treatment, and it was not working. I was  so upset and depressed. Everyone around me was pregnant. It was very frustrating. We did not have the  funds for In vitro fertilization, so we decided to give acupuncture a try, and I'm so glad we did!
 My first meeting with Louise I was very nervous and did not know what to expect, but she made me feel very comfortable and explained everything first. I learned that I needed to change the environment of my body to get pregnant. By increasing my own health I would in turn have a chance at pregnancy and a healthier baby. I felt very relaxed and just happy-no other way to explain it. I continued with the treatment, herbal formulas and changed what I ate for 3 months and was starting to lose hope again when I found out I was pregnant! Finally, I was going to have my baby and it was all because of Louise and acupuncture!

-Christi G., South Daytona, FL

Dear Louise, In January, my husband and I welcomed our first child, a baby boy. I know that coming to see you last year had a huge part in my getting pregnant and I'm very grateful to you! I will continue to sing your praise and refer anyone I know who may need your help. Thanks again!

-NIcole M., Ormond Beach (Baby #1)

Just wanted to say Thank you again, so much, for all your HELP! I really didn't think it would happen this fast, but again I am very happy! This time within the first month!!!! THANK YOU!

-Nicole M., Ormond Beach (Baby #2)

My previous pregnancies all resulted in hypertension and subsequent medication to control it. I did my research and found that acupuncture could help. I went all the way to delivery without resorting to medications which have always made me feel terrible. I'm telling everyone to see you. Thanks so much again!

-Danielle K. RN, Daytona Beach, FL